We've come across so many great YouTube channels, podcasts, books and online resources we though you might like to explore them.

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Robotics Workshop Resources



Our YouTube and Vimeo channels have loads of great suggestions for subject-specific videos and channels.



There are so many good ones. We like these:

  • Radiolab - a very high quality general science podcast - iTunes link
  • Hardcore History - an outstanding collection of vivid and thoughtful history podcasts by Dan Carlin. Best for ages 13+.
  • No Such Thing as a Fish - a funny look at odd facts from the team responsible for QI. Best for ages 13+ - iTunes link
  • Philosophy Bites - thinking of studying philosophy at A-level or university? This is top notch podcast with very high calibre guests. - iTunes link
  • In Our Time - a vast collection of podcasts on science, maths philosophy and history. The guests are all accomplished in their field. Don't miss this one. Note you can subscribe to subject specific collections - iTunes link


Exam Papers and questions


Online tools


  • desmos.com - a great graph drawing site perfect for GCSE and A-level
  • mathsisfun.com - a great selection of explanations, animated workings and questions.
  • Visnos - A great interactive maths site. Lots of clickable/dragable piecharts and more. 

Online Collaboration



Fun Books

  • An encyclopaedia or "Thing explainer" which uses no technical language only the 1000 most common english words. Funny and beautifully put together. 


Books for Digging Deeper

  • Two outstanding books. Ideal for student's on their way to university to study physics or engineering.
Chaos: Making a New Science
By James Gleick
  • A wonderful account of chaos theory. Perfect for budding physicists.