Our Founders

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James was educated at Dulwich College in south London and The University of Bristol from where he received his M.Sci in Physics and Philosophy and his Ph.D in the philosophy of physics.

He has worked as a private tutor in London for the past six years and specialises in scholarship preparation for top British private schools, in particular the Eton King's Scholarship. He often works with home schooled students waiting to secure places at British schools.

James also works as a consultant physicist for industry and in his spare time teaches jazz dance.

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Hi, I’m Frank! I’ve been tutoring students of all ages for over 7 years with more than 3,500 hours of experience in preparing students for entrance exams, GCSE’s and their A-­levels.  I am particularly passionate about science where I’ve helped many students develop an enthusiasm that not only leads to great exam results but instills confidence that supports them for years to come. 

I was poorly taught these subjects by disinterested teachers at school. I had never considered a career in the sciences until I met a few inspirational professors at university. Then, everything changed. I finished with a degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Texas and then popped over to Britain for a “quick” PhD in biochemistry. 14 years later, I’m still here with a wife, two sons, and British passport! 

I loved my time working in the lab on cancer research but found myself naturally attracted to private tuition.  I don’t approach tuition as the set of lectures and exercises doled out in schools. Instead, we chat about the topics in a way that suits the specific learning needs of the student. In my experience, with a little motivation and support, every student is capable of anything!