James studied at the University of Bristol from where he received his M.Sci in Physics and Philosophy in 2006 and his Ph.D in the philosophy of physics in 2012.

He loves building things, taking them apart and not being able to put them back together again. James also works as a consultant physicist for industry and in his spare time teaches jazz dance.

Having spent seven years as a tutor James wanted to work more with his hands and so started Inspired Minds with Frank in 2017. 

James Lambert PhD Inspired Minds Co-Founder


Hi!  I’m Frank, a teacher and lifelong student. I co-founded Inspired Minds out of a fierce commitment to teaching by doing.

In a former life, I was fortunate to spend a decade in the battle against cancer as a PhD in biochemistry.  I loved it, but success there required me to give up the day-to-day DOING of science. That just wasn’t for me.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help establish a business that, at its very core, cultivates growth of a child’s confidence and enthusiasm for discovery through exploration.  

We create a space where kids are free to achieve by getting it “wrong”. I love creating a room ready for the collision of science, creativity, critical thinking, and art - all inseparable parts of a whole more necessary than ever in the future that awaits us and our children.

Born and raised in Texas, I visited the UK in my 20's and am still here 16 years later, with a wife and 2 sons.

Frank Ivins PhD Inspired Minds Co-Founder


Tara is an actor, writer, musician and  theatre maker. She is a founder member of The Ruby Dolls - a company that uses Cabaret and close harmony music to devise their stories. Tara is also a trainer, educator and workshop leader. She lives in South London with her partner Jim and Cyrus the cat.

Tara Siddall Workshop Leader


Nathan studied physics at the University of Warwick, and started his MSc in Space Science and Engineering at UCL in 2018. He loves finding out how things work and why they are the way they are.

Nathan worked for 3 years as an Explainer at the Science Museum, Kensington, making science and technology interesting and fun to thousands of families and school groups. 

Nathan was born and raised in Essex, where he still lives to this day. 

Nathan Turner


Andy is a zesty character who loves a challenging adventure. With a Performing and Coaching background; he thrives upon working within the entertainments and education industries, resulting in a unique and valuable fusion.

He is an avid skier and has recently got back on the trampoline after 10 years away from the sport. Bouncing into all London has to offer Andy certainly looks like he is embracing life here in the Capital.



Mikolaj is currently in his final year studying a Master's in Biochemical Engineering at UCL after deciding to take a break from studying chemical engineering.  His hope is that this translates into working on the manufacturing of stem cell treatments for personalized medicine.

Living in North London since 2006, his favourite exercise is cycling down to the library.

Mikolaj Wiecek