Sphero Painting

Head on over to our YouTube channel to see our latest activity: Sphero Painting!


The Sphero was one of our picks for robotics toys this Christmas and we've had a lot of fun putting it through its paces. [Amazon Link]

This was really fun, and a little messy. If you're keen to have a go at home we'd suggest

  1. Put your paper in the bottom of a cardboard box. Protect those carpets!

  2. Use acrylic paint, it's water-based.

  3. Don't use too much paint, it will all mix into a muddy mess.

  4. Make 3 paintings at least, they look great on the wall next to each other.

  5. Watch the video for a neat clean-up tip.

Finally a big well done to everyone who came to our workshop on Saturday, the robot painting project was great fun and you got some wonderful results.