Introducing Studios

On November 4th we opened the doors to our messy tech studio, Frank and James’s vision for a space all about making and learning.

Ever since we began our monthly robotics camps 18 months ago we’ve wanted to run something weekly but figuring out the format took time. 

We wanted a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere to make things and learn from our inventors.

We wanted creativity and fun, not worksheets and screen-time.

We knew we didn’t want to run a course of lessons because if you miss a week you’re lost.


Studios are fun because your child can build whatever they want, ask questions and get constant feedback from our inventors. It’s how architects learn to be architects and how dancers learn to dance. We though it was a great model for hands-on tech learning.

The best thing is the flexibility: come to one session or buy a pack of 6, skip a week if you’re away etc. We bring different kit each week so there’s always something new to explore.

What to expect

  • Wiring up motors, make buggies and stuff that moves.

  • Make your creations draw and paint.

  • Fun demonstrations of soldering and electronics to get you started.

  • An introduction to coding.

  • Tonnes of ideas for home projects.

The studio is open on Sundays at College Park School in Bayswater, there are morning (11-1) and afternoon (2-4) sessions to fit in with your Sunday timetable. Each session is 2 hours.

The nitty gritty…

  • For girls and boys aged 6-12.

  • Carefully supervised by our awesome inventors! All DBS checked.

  • 2 hours of fun, drop off at 11am or 2pm.

  • Integrates with the 11+, 13+ and KS2 science syllabus.

  • £50 per session or £270 for a pack of 6.

To book visit:

Any questions?

Thank you From James, Frank & Amy