Light Painting

Now that my last student is safely through their exams I thought I'd have another look at something we've played with at our workshops before, light painting.

Light painting is long exposure photography.  You let the camera collect light for several seconds and it blurs the scene into new and, hopefully, interesting shapes.

I built a stand to hold my DSLR and programmed a robot to drive in a circle on a black background. 

set up.jpg

The robot has 8 LEDs at the front so with a little crumble code they can be turned on, flashed, cycled through etc.

This code

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.15.41.png


Taken with an iPhone

Taken with an iPhone

After upgrading the stand to hold the DSLR I started getting some fun results

Very similar to the code above.

Very similar to the code above.

We'll be posting more of these and sample code for you to try at home so stay tuned! And follow us on Instagram! Link below.

Don't worry, with an awesome slow shutter app you don't need to build yourself a big frame like I did, just some steady hands can produce great results!

  1. Make the room as dark as possible

  2. Rest the phone on a stable surface

  3. Put blu-tac on any of the robot's always-on leds that you want to hide!

  4. Links for kit are below...

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Slow shutter app

The Crumblebot