Why Should My Child Learn To Code?

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Children are natural scientists.  Their inquisitive brains are malleable sponges, not just for information, but for the insightful connections that make them the fascinating creatures they are.

Just as the benefits from learning French or Spanish extend far beyond being able to communicate in a few foreign countries, so an understanding of coding extends beyond programming a few computers.

Indeed, the world is ever more reliant on machines that “speak computer”.  But, the logic, creativity, and insight derived from an education in coding sets the foundations to create the producers on which our future economy will be based.  Jobs in factories (as human cogs), middle managers, paper pushers, and jobs for life are decreasing at a rapid rate -- and they’re not coming back.

Where do you want your child to be in 2028?

2018 has, so far, seen 2.4 million jobs in STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) go unfilled because of a massive gap in ability.

But learning to code brings many more benefits than just increasing your child’s employability.

Join us over the coming weeks to discover how coding develops all of these skills....







Logical thinking






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