Boy with Crumble Bot

We highly recommend checking out 4Tronix, they have a wonderful selection of add-ons for the crumble.

Also handy are:

The Crumble programming language.

Coding Tutorials

Ready to get started with robotics and coding?

Our activities YouTube channel features code walkthroughs explaining some of the programs in the parents' pack.

Mother and daughter exploring robotics

Parents' Robotics Pack

Download a selection of Crumble programs. These will get you started with your robotics journey.

Look at the "readme.txt" files in each folder too, they explain some of the nitty gritty details and have suggestions for activities.

Have fun!


Robotics Activities


Robot line sensor game

Stay On The Table

Mark out an area on the floor using black tape.

Next have a look in the parents' pack above and open up the "stay on the table" crumble file.

Load the program onto the robot by clicking the green play icon.

You're ready! Place the robot inside the tape line and turn it on. The robot will explore but not go outside the area.

Try adding in some sharp kinks! Can the robot stay in now?

Can you make the robot explore the whole shape?

Light Painting

This is a fun one! You will need

  1. A camera that can take long exposure pictures, for example an iPhone with the slow shutter app installed.

  2. A stand to hold your camera/iPhone.

OK start with the 'star' program in the parents' pack. 

Dim the lights, start the camera running and turn the robot on. In 30 seconds your pictures are ready!  


Robot Drawing

Advice: Get some big paper. A2 or bigger is best.

  1. Attach a washable felt tip pen to your robot with a rubber band or sellotape.

  2. Get Drawing!

don't try this on the carpet!

don't try this on the carpet!