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Inspired Minds





Inspired Minds





Hands-on learning

A fresh approach

Everyone learns better with their hands.
We develop fun, inspiring workshops for children in London.


Events, Workshops and Museum Tours

We absolutely love organising educational events that spark our students’ imaginations.  Build robots, learn to program and more.

Education is so much more than desks and textbooks!


Life long inspiration

Kids don’t learn what they’re told.  They learn what they do.

We guide students through rich experiences in your own home and at our workshops.  Make a pinhole camera, an attractive electromagnet, a compass, build robots and much more. A hands-on approach to learning is essential.



Common Entrance, GCSE, A-level and much more

Inspired Minds tutors are experts at

  • Building Confidence
  • Scholarship Preparation
  • Academic Mentoring