how we work


We take the time to get to know our clients.

These are the steps you can expect

  1. A telephone call with one of our consultants. This is our first chance to find out what you need. We want to know about your child on a personal and academic level. These consultations typically last 30 minutes 
  2. An optional in person consultation. These give us the opportunity to talk further about your needs and asses your child academically. These sessions are particularly useful if you are considering scholarship entry or any other intensive period of tutoring.
  3. We will carefully match a private tutor to your child's requirements. This is usually a matter of character, we want your child to have a great time with your new tutor.
  4. We will prepare a clear plan of action for you. This will include a timetable for tutorials and recommended educational events or museum visits as advised by your new tutor.
  5. Our office are just an email or call away so you can always be sure of a timely response to any questions you have.